10 benefits of using one-way video interviews to recruit

One-way video interview software is becoming a popular part of the recruitment process. Why? Because the benefits – to employers and candidates alike – are plentiful.

One-way video interview software is becoming a popular part of the recruitment process. Why? Because the benefits – to employers and candidates alike – are plentiful.

It’s a simple idea, but a nifty one too. Hiring managers set questions (customising thinking time, answering time and the number of opportunities to re-record) and then invite candidates to submit their answers – in their own time and from the comfort of their own home. It’s that simple! And the perfect alternative to telephone screening or first-round interviews.

To showcase just what one-way video interviews might be able to do for you, we’ve summarised the top 10 benefits below:

1. Make scheduling headaches a thing of the past

Arranging interviews can be a long and frustrating process. It’s no mean feat trying to find a time that works for you, your candidate and often a panel of other interviewers too. With a one-way video interview, your candidates can complete their interview whenever is most convenient for them – and you and your team can watch them back without having to sync up your schedules.

2. Speed up the screening process

We don’t need to tell you that candidates move on quickly, so it’s important to move equally quickly when it comes to recruitment. Using video interview software in the initial screening stage means you can rule out candidates much faster and focus in on your top-quality talent sooner. After all, it’s the early bird that catches the worm.

3. Make life easier for passive candidates

Sometimes the perfect candidate for your vacancy won’t actively be job seeking. They might be open to a move – especially if you’ve got an attractive salary and benefits package on offer – but, in general, they’re quite comfortable staying where they are. Those candidates are much more likely to engage with you if they know they can complete that first screening interview without having to book time off work or travel to your offices.

4. Overcome miles and time zones

You might have found an overseas candidate that looks great and who’s keen to meet with you, but the high cost of travel means a face-to-face interview isn’t an option in those early stages. What’s more, differing time zones can make Skype interviews impractical. Inviting your far-flung candidates to a one-way video interview is the answer to your logistical dilemma.

5. Put your candidates at ease

The pressure of a formal interview can make even the most confident candidates crumble. They might trip over their words or, even worse, face a complete mind blank – everyone’s interview nightmare! Candidates can complete their video interview in the comfort of their own home, putting them at ease and providing you with a much truer representation of who they are. Win, win!

6. Shine the spotlight on your best candidates

Telephone screening or first stage interviews are time-consuming. With one-way video interviews, you keep things concise, to-the-point and minimise the amount of time managers need to spend with candidates who simply aren’t suitable. And it isn’t just about saving your managers time – it’s about giving them time. Time they can use to provide your best candidates with a truly great experience when it finally comes to a face-to-face interview.

7. All’s fair in love, war and one-way video interviews

You might turn up to a face-to-face interview with a list of questions you want to ask – the exact same questions for everyone you see, naturally. But by the time you’ve done the meet-and-greet, swapped some small talk and ventured down a few different tangents, all your candidates have had a different experience. One-way video interviews provide a much fairer process, giving everyone the opportunity to put their best foot forwards.

8. Filter out the ‘tech happy’ from the ‘not-so-savvy’

Technology has become part of everyday life, so it’s increasingly important for candidates to have at least a basic understanding. While taking part in a one-way video interview is fairly straightforward, it’s a good way to see how familiar with –  and adaptable to – technology people are.

9. Show you’re an employer on the cutting edge

In much the same way you’re looking for candidates who are tech savvy, candidates are also looking for employers that move with the times. Making use of video interview software demonstrates that you’re doing just that. Job seekers want to work with businesses that embrace technology – so this is a perfect opportunity to do just that and be an early adopter.

10. Rewind, refresh, compare! Watch your interviews back at your leisure

Interview notes aren’t always as reliable as we’d like them to be. Video interview software allows you to play back a candidate’s interview at any time, so you can refresh your memory, make comparisons with other candidates and discuss with your colleagues whenever you like. And, in a world where we’re used to everything being ‘on demand’, it’s about time our interviews were too.

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