3 ways to avoid burning out at work

If you’re feeling the stress of work, are becoming tired and feeling demotivated, it might be a sign that you’re close to burning out. It’s important to take action on this to help you get your motivation and wellbeing back on track.

It’s essential you don’t brush these worries aside as it could escalate and leave you feeling run down and ill. So, it’s time for you to act and take positive steps towards helping yourself. Follow our advice below on the three ways you can avoid burning out at work.

1. Learn to say no

Most of us will know the feeling of agreeing to plans that we don’t actually want to take part in. Yet sometimes we go along with these to save an argument or avoid any awkwardness. However, it’s time to say no and take control. While it may seem easier to go along with plans, in the long run it can cause you more stress.

If a colleague or your manager asks if you have time to do an extra task, it’s perfectly okay to be honest and say no. After all, saying yes all the time just adds to your workload and can cause you to become less productive.

Make sure you apply this to your life outside of the workplace too. If you’re exhausted after work and want to relax, it’s important that you make the time to do so. You shouldn’t feel pressured by others and this can mean learning to put your needs first. When you do this, it’s a positive step towards avoiding stress and making sure you don’t overwork yourself.

2. Make positive lifestyle choices

Sometimes it’s hard to take control of outside stresses; making positive lifestyle choices is an important way to help you feel good. Make sure you find the time to relax and de-stress in your free time. It’s vital that you discover the form of relaxation that works for you, after all, a technique that works for one person may not work for another.

While some prefer to burn off steam in the gym, others might enjoy yoga classes or dance lessons. If this isn’t what you enjoy, you could try a creative hobby such as colouring, drawing or listening to music. You might be surprised at how beneficial taking this downtime is to your overall productivity.

Alongside this, try to eat healthily and get enough sleep. While exercise and eating well is great for feeling good, it can also help you sleep better. This is beneficial if your stress is causing sleep problems. Looking after yourself can help you feel more energetic, happy and less likely to burn out – so make it a priority.

3. Take breaks

Time off and regular breaks are important to recuperate and take a breather. Always take your annual leave and don’t have contact with work when you’re away. This might mean deleting work emails off your phone and requesting that no one contact you on your holiday. Even the smallest communication with work can ruin your downtime with work stresses and worries.

It’s not only holidays or annual leave where you need to switch off from work. It’s essential that you have a good work-life balance on a day-today basis. It’s important to take time away from your desk for a small walk or to get a drink every few hours or so. This can help you be more productive and, importantly, feel less stressed.

Also, ensure you take your lunch break and avoid working too late or taking work home with you. While it might feel more productive to do so, it can actually be damaging to your wellbeing and cause a lot of stress.

In summary

Make sure you focus on your health and wellbeing to avoid burnout from stress. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise your work productivity. In fact, taking these steps can help you be more motivated and happier at the workplace.

Alice Greedus is a PR and Communications Assistant at CV-Library. As a recent literature graduate she loves anything that involves reading or writing, which is good news because her job involves a lot of this. She also is a chocoholic at heart which means lots of post-work trips to the gym!

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