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4 Different Types Of Recruiting Software

There are numerous different types of recruiting software advertised as making life easier for HR departments. Each solution – developed by a wide variety of vendors – typically addresses a specific aspect of applicant tracking or recruitment. While many of these software systems have their benefits, implementing multiple platforms can involve significant spend on licensing and training, and there is always the risk of duplication of effort and incompatibility between the platforms.

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In this article, we provide an overview of the main types of recruiting software and how to integrate these functions into a unified system.

1) Software To Source Talent – Candidate Relationship Management

There is a large market for specialist software designed to help recruiters source potential candidates through proactive advertising to job boards and talent pools. These are essentially marketing platforms, providing tools to optimise job adverts and recruitment strategies to attract the right type of candidates, and to build interest in and awareness of a company’s brand. Candidate relationship management software has a larger scope than a typical ATS (applicant tracking system) as it focuses on all potential candidates for a job, rather than specific applicants. However, additional software is required to nurture active applicants through the recruitment funnel.

2) Recruitment Screening Software – Applicant Tracking Systems

An applicant tracking system (ATS) provides a central dashboard for receiving CVs and job applications, tracking skills assessments, analysing responses to interview questions, verifying references, and other core parts of the recruitment process. An ATS helps you select and shortlist the best applicants for each position using customisable criteria and keywords, saving significant time during the initial screening stage, and ensuring that promising talent doesn’t fall through the net.

3) Interviewing, Assessment, and Referencing Software

Once you have created a talent shortlist, you will often need a separate software solution to assist with the interviewing, assessment, and background checking process. This should be customisable to manage your interviews and provide clear criteria by which to evaluate the performance of each applicant. Most leading platforms allow an extensive range of supporting assessments both before and after interview, including personality tests, skills assessments, and knowledge-based quizzes. The post-interview process is then facilitated with tools to follow up, receive, and analyse references – reducing the manual input involved – and to manage background and DBS checks.

4) Recruitment and Onboarding Software

Welcoming newly hired employees to the business and organising training and orientation requires a separate type of specialised software, especially when dealing with virtual onboarding. The best solutions use a shared, cloud-based interface that can be accessed from any device, with different login areas for new recruits, line managers, and HR staff. Customisation and flexibility is key to finding the right onboarding solution, as requirements vary from business to business. Some solutions are aimed at recruitment agencies, while others are tailored to the SME or enterprise market.

Next Steps

Your business may not need all the software solutions we have discussed in this article, and you are likely to have individual needs that aren’t fully addressed by individual platforms. The best way of getting the results you need from recruitment software is to choose a modular ATS platform such as Octo. Octo is a full spectrum applicant tracking system that provides all-round visibility of your recruitment service, and integrates all the features necessary to run an efficient HR function. As a modular online recruitment management software system, Octo can be customised entirely to suit your recruitment goals, and you only pay for the features you use. To find out more, please get in touch with one of our recruitment software specialists today.

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