9 Top Features Of A Good Applicant Tracking System

9 Top Features Of A Good Applicant Tracking System

Recruiting for new personnel can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive, particularly if you decide to go it alone by hosting all your recruitment in-house. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a simple software platform that can support businesses in their recruitment, offering a plethora of features to automate and streamline the entire process by organising all candidates in an easy-to-use and practical database.

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At Blue Octopus, we deliver recruitment management solutions for mid to large-scale businesses, underpinned by Octo Platinum, our ATS that was first launched in 2014 specifically for HR departments and in-house recruiters. With an expert knowledge of what HR teams and recruiters need from this type of platform, we’ve designed Octo Platinum to meet the specific needs of businesses, improving their recruitment processes and improving the chance of securing the best talent in their industry.

What Are The Most Important Applicant Tracking System Features And Benefits?

With many options available, it can be confusing knowing which ATS is most suited to your business’s needs. So, to ensure you make an informed choice, consult this Applicant Tracking System feature list before getting in touch with Blue Octopus to find out more about Octo Platinum:

1) Job Posting On Careers Pages.

An ATS should allow you to manage your career page from the platform so that every time a vacancy becomes available, you can display it quickly. There should be tools to add photos, business logos, job descriptions, and social share buttons to maximise the interest in your business’s openings.

2) Receiving And Shortlisting Applications.

For simplicity, all applications should be stored on a single database for easy viewing and sorting, even if they have been submitted from multiple job boards. Some ATS platforms can automatically eliminate candidates who do not meet the minimum person specification, harnessing AI to reduce the time your staff need to manually sort through applications.

3) Candidate Database And Resume Storage.

Hiring future employees is more practical and cost-effective if the details of unsuccessful candidates can be stored centrally! An efficient ATS platform will ensure that suitably qualified applicants remain in an archive for future matching, even for other positions within your business that require a slightly different level of experience or skills.

4) Interview Booking.

Once shortlisting has taken place, ATS platforms can send automatic messages to candidates shortlisted for interview, as well as creating a schedule and providing a way for applicants to ask questions. Integrated scheduling will send reminders to candidates, reducing the chance of irritating no-shows.

5) Tagging Capabilities.

When you’re receiving large volumes of applications, running into the hundreds or more, tagging is an intuitive way to locate information, reducing the time spent mundanely organising or trawling through applications. Tagging facilitates effective and logical organisation of application, with the ability to quickly filter them if needed.

6) Customisable.

A one-size-fits-all solution rarely meets the needs of all businesses, so an ATS should offer full customisation to enable companies to tailor the software appropriately.

7) Onboarding Automation.

Onboarding automation can drastically improve the time taken to hire and open the position officially. An ATS should provide a new employee with a wealth of resources and paperwork so that all necessary administration can be completed in advance of their first day.

8) Integration With HR Systems.

For seamless integration of a new ATS, aim to purchase a platform that integrates with your existing HR systems. This will reduce the likelihood of teething problems and help to embed the new platform quickly within your business structure so that you can enjoy the benefits right away.

9) Support.

Like any new software, it’s vital to work with a provider who can provide ongoing support, not only with implementation but also with technical issues should they arise in future.

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Our modular ATS Octo Platinum delivers the full range of Applicant Tracking System features which businesses like yours need for cost-efficient, streamlined recruitment, to maximise the chance of securing the best talent while minimising workflow and costs. To find out more about Octo Platinum, get in touch today.


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