Automated Onboarding

Automated Onboarding: How It Can Save Time And Improve The New Hire Experience

A targeted and strategically-considered onboarding process can boost employee satisfaction and retention rates, leading to substantial cost-savings for businesses.

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Onboarding provides new employees with the information and tools that they need to settle into your company, so, what does a good onboarding process look like and how could automating your system benefit your new hires and your company?

What Should Onboarding Include?

Onboarding starts from the moment your new recruit accepts their role and extends into their first weeks and months with your company. Systemised for consistency, onboarding is also personalised for each employee wherever possible. The specific process used will depend on your company's unique needs. However, it may include:

  • Welcoming the employee to your company;
  • Providing them with information about your procedures and policies;
  • Introducing new hires to their manager and team members;
  • Giving them a (virtual) office tour;
  • Ensuring that they complete essential forms;
  • Enabling them to order equipment and uniforms;
  • Providing them with any training that they require;
  • Responding to their questions and concerns.

How To Improve Your Onboarding Process Effectively With Automation

Manually onboarding new recruits can be time-consuming and inefficient, particularly when so many people now work from home. What's more, if you aren't careful, you could easily forget to complete an important step in the process, causing administrative problems, or leaving new staff feeling disconnected from your company.

However, With Personal Contact And One-To-One Supervision Playing Such A Crucial Role In Onboarding, How Much, Realistically, Can Be Automated?

With the right software systems, procedures, and support network in place, the answer is quite a lot.

However, before you consider migrating from a manual to an automated onboarding process, check that your procedures are systemised. Detail the steps that need to be taken by your HR team and your new recruits, and set deadlines for their completion. Then, consider investing in the appropriate recruitment and onboarding software, such as Octo Platinum, so that you can automate each step. Automation can include setting up reminders, enabling users to sign documents digitally, and providing new recruits with online courses and videos.

Finally, create an online onboarding portal so that your new recruits can access documents, training material, and other information remotely. This portal should be secure and accessible remotely from various devices.

The Benefits Of Using An Automated Onboarding Process

By automating the process, you can:

  • Streamline everything to create an efficient and seamless experience for new starts;
  • Onboard all new recruits thoroughly and consistently;
  • Establish clear communications channels quickly;
  • Make new recruits feel part of your business immediately, even when working remotely;
  • Document your onboarding activities more effectively while minimising paperwork;
  • Reduce the risks of errors being made.

Find Out More

For further information about automated onboarding and its advantages, please contact Blue Octopus today. We can provide you with the guidance, practical support, and software that you need to streamline your process and boost staff retention.

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