Budget Friendly Guide To Recruiting The Best Candidates For Your Company

Companies are only as successful as the teams that form them, so finding the best candidate matters for every job position. However, finding the best candidate can be an expensive and time-consuming business. Here’s a guide to a more budget friendly approach!

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Why Is Recruitment So Expensive?

In an era of higher-than-usual unemployment, filling the gaps isn’t difficult – in theory at least. HR inboxes are piled high with applications, and recruitment teams have no shortage of options. However, this makes finding the right candidate harder, because with so many candidates to sort through, HR teams are working around the clock to find the most suitable and relevant applicants. This energy could be used in other ways, such as on-going training and development, or – if the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is used – focusing on the CVs that stand out from the crowd.

What Does An Applicant Tracking System Offer?

One of the major features of a high-quality ATS is that it is tethered to social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Free to use, these tools can give instant insight into a potential employee’s professional portfolio. As such, if you want to save time and money by steering clear of candidates with the wrong vibe, an ATS is the answer. An ATS will also use finely articulated algorithms to screen for the skills and experience that your company is looking for, doing the hard work for the HR team by identifying the perfect match.

How Does An ATS Help With Referrals?

Also known as head-hunting, referrals are often the holy grail of the recruitment process. Insider knowledge goes a long way but finding the ideal candidates can be like finding a needle in a haystack. ‘Passive candidates’ are those who would be interested in the job, and who may be the ideal fit for your company’s culture, but for various reasons are either not engaging with the recruitment process or are lost somewhere in the system. An ATS such as Octo Platinum will hunt out potential employees, identify the relevant suitability factors, and smooth the referral process.

What’s In It For The Employees?

Applying for jobs can be a frustrating, difficult experience. Landing in the wrong job can be even more challenging. An ATS enhances the employee experience by making their side of the journey easier and by giving your HR department more time to focus on meaningful candidates. This speeds up the recruitment process whilst sending a positive message to potential employees.

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If you want to embrace the latest time-saving and budget-friendly technology, Blue Octopus can help. To learn more about the benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems, please have a chat with one of our software team and arrange a free product demo of Octo Platinum.

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