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How ATS Recruitment Software Can Help with HR Efficiency

ATS recruitment software supports HR efficiency by making manual processes quicker and easier, and reducing your HR team’s admin burden – allowing them to focus on tasks where human input is essential. Here is a rundown of the main benefits of ATS software, and how your business could benefit by implementing our modular ATS solution, Octo:

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Templated Applications – Allows Quick Job Posting

An ATS lets you set up custom job templates for each of your job categories and recruitment channels, allowing quick job posting and saving hours on manual data entry.

Track All Applicants In One Place

Having an integrated system through which to manage applicants across the recruitment process is a huge efficiency benefit. Modern ATS platforms allow you to segment and search your candidate base by location, qualifications, and level of experience, for example – and monitor your success at marketing positions to specific demographic groups or talent pools.

Inbuilt Traffic Light And Shortlisting System To Make Sorting Through Applications Simple

Screening talent into interview shortlists can be a time-consuming process, especially when there are a large number of applicants. With an inbuilt traffic light and shortlisting system, a modern ATS solution, such as Octo, makes sorting through applications a simple process. This ensures you invite the right people to interview and improves the overall quality of hire.

Process Automation – Pushes Decisions Through Necessary Channels For Sign-Off Automatically

With so many elements to recruitment, it is easy for the talent acquisition process to be delayed by manual processes, or when waiting for approvals. With a high level of inbuilt automation, Octo ensures that tasks are automatically assigned to the relevant HR personnel, with a transparent audit trail to track the process of an application, and automated reminders to prevent recruitment delays.

Interview Self-Booking (And Integration With Sparkhire For One-Way Interviews)

Octo features an application management portal with customisable levels of access for HR staff, agency partners, and applicants. Candidates can use this system to self-book interviews from available slots, saving you time contacting and chasing up candidates individually.

Automate Reference Requests And Create Tasks To Follow This Up

Octo also boosts HR efficiency by helping your team request, follow-up, and manage references and background checks. References can be automatically submitted to the system by referees and logged against each candidate, and automated reminders sent at predetermined intervals.

Integration With HR Systems Like Cascade And Mitrefinch

Octo integrates with a range of third-party apps, including leading HR systems such as Cascade and Mitrefinch. The platform can also be configured to work with in-house and legacy HR software.

Pushes Through To An Automated Onboarding System

Most applicant tracking systems conclude their functions after a candidate accepts a job offer following their interview. A separate onboarding system is then required to manage the post-hire processes, including welcoming the new employee and conducting initial training and acclimatisation. Businesses that use Octo, however, can save additional time by having candidate files push through automatically to an automated onboarding system, providing 360° oversight of the recruitment process. This allows you to measure important metrics related to onboarding, including the productivity of new recruits, retention rates, and successful assimilation of the company ethos.

What Next?

At Blue Octopus, we have developed our Octo HR recruitment management software solution in order to help businesses improve recruitment efficiency and manage the complete talent acquisition process from a single dashboard. To arrange a free product demonstration or to speak with one of our team about the benefits of Octo, please get in touch today.

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