How Does Octo ATS Software Work?

Recruitment processes are evolving so fast nowadays that even seasoned professionals need to work harder than ever to stay ahead of the latest trends. If you're not keeping up, you could be missing out on recruiting top talent due to new emerging technology.

Get Your Free Guide to Choosing Talent TechnologyThis is where our Blue Octopus Octo ATS software comes in. Applicant Tracking Systems may be used by many companies in their pursuit of talent acquisition, but none do it quite as thoroughly as Octo, with a specialised system designed to help you find the specific candidates you're looking for.

Efficiency and Detail

Octo focuses on streamlining your recruitment and HR practices, but not in a way that compromises on detail. Efficient functionality gives you control over the entire recruitment process, from adding initial vacancies and creating application forms to checking references and sending off final offers.

How deep you go is up to you. Specific tags can be set up on-site to link your role with registered candidates who could be the perfect fit for what's being offered based on your preferences. You can post to different job boards to headhunt suitable candidates with niche skills, before shortlisting and booking interviews with the most promising talent after you've screened top applications.

Making HR easier

An auto onboarding process helps lessen the pain of lengthy HR introductions at a time when you'll probably just want the right candidates to get started on their ideal job. Linking this to your own HR system will help take care of various admin duties. Octo ATS takes the hard work out of basic but essential HR tasks like ordering uniforms and organising equipment. You could extend this to other important areas such as introductory training courses or upskilling; whatever is required for your own business.

Made by professionals, for professionals

The most important thing to remember about Blue Octopus is that it was built by HR and recruitment experts with other HR staff and recruiters in mind. If anyone knows what you want for your business, as well as how and why you want it, it's this exceptionally talented team. We know the emerging art of pain-free digital recruitment better than anyone. But don't just take our word for it; book a product demo today and find out for yourself how Octo can be customised specifically for your own business.
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