Octo Platinum: For An Easy And Cost-Effective Recruitment Process

Recruitment can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. As increasing numbers of HR departments are learning, modular ATS software can increase the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall success of the process.

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What Is An Applicant Track System?

An Applicant Track System (ATS) is software designed to enhance the recruitment process. An ATS collects information about applicants and uses advanced algorithms to filter the details so that the most suitable candidates are queue-jumped. The ATS algorithms will search for experience, skills, and leadership capabilities, greatly increasing the chances of finding the correct match for the position.

Why Is An Applicant Track System useful?

There are multiple benefits for arming your HR department with an ATS. Recently, 4,228 candidates applied for a single entry-level vacancy, leaving the company overwhelmed. In this situation, the big risk is that an overworked HR team will offer the position to the first ok-sounding applicant, when the best fit is candidate number 4,227. As nobody has the time to read four-thousand applications, the potentially perfect employee can easily be missed. Sometimes the ok-sounding applicant will be a good match, but often the result is a waste of resources in terms of training, time, and cost.

The end result? Without an ATS, organisations lose both time and money, with a knock-on effect for efficiency and productivity.

What’s The Octo Platinum ATS Philosophy?

Octo Platinum is our ATS solution, designed to make life easier both for the HR department and for the candidate. Finding the right job can be a nerve-wracking experience, and although most people have an element of extrinsic motivation in that they need the pay cheque, intrinsic motivation is vital. Intrinsic motivation is where the person wants to do the job because they enjoy it, and intrinsically motivated workers bring significant benefits to any company. Octo Platinum will identify the candidates who really want the job, and its intuitive interface will make sure that their pathway towards employment is smooth and comfortable. This in turn reflects the positive ethos of the company, increasing the likelihood of the applicant accepting the position.    

If you want employees who really care about their role and who want to bring positive energy to your company, an ATS is a good idea.

Next Steps

There are lots of options regarding recruitment software, including whether the best solution is to have a standalone or a managed system. If you want to find out more about the ideal setup for your HR department, please have a chat with one of our software team today. 

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