Octo Platinum: The Proven Talent Management Solution

The scope of talent acquisition has rapidly expanded in recent years, and so too has its technology requirements. Our applicant tracking platform recruitment technology, Octo Platinum, is smart and intuitive in design and function, and can help reduce time-to-hire, improve quality-of-hire and drive down costs.

In keeping with today’s demands, it has evolved to provide broader capabilities and deeper functionality, from requisition to onboarding. These are just some of the key-features users are able to benefit from…

    • Authorisation Requests
      This module allows hiring managers to submit information around a vacancy they would like to advertise. This information then passes through a chain of authorisation to be approved for advertising.


    • Automatic Job Posting
      Octo Platinum can automatically push vacancy details through to a number of job boards, thus creating a job posting on that site.


    • Panel Scoring
      Panel members can review application forms and enter a score for each question or piece of criteria. The panel lead can view all scores for each panel member, and then enter a final Red, Amber or Green score based on the aggregate feedback.


    • Social Hub
      With the Social Hub in place, Premium users can link Octo Platinum to the business’ Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Users are then able to set up automatic posting to platforms at scheduled times in the campaign.


    • Talent Projects
      This module allows Premium users to search through existing registered candidates and build a library of talent. Once projects are populated, users can approach talent by messaging them through the system.


    • Interview Self-Booking
      Users can setup a schedule of interview timeslots and then send candidates a link to book themselves in to their preferred timeslot.


    • Video Interviews
      Clients can invite candidates to record answers to interview questions. Users specify questions, amount of thinking time, number of takes and time limit to answer. Completed answers can be viewed on the candidate’s profile.


  • Onboarding
    This module helps clients define and follow procedures that should occur with every new employee brought on board.

Blue Octopus works with clients across the UK, providing forward-thinking talent solutions and helping businesses stay relevant in a world that’s evolving at pace.

To find out how we can help change the way you connect with the best talent and how we can support your business both now and, in the future, get in touch today or book a demo.

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