RPO Vs MSP Recruitment: How Blue Octopus Is Different

RPO Vs MSP Recruitment: How Blue Octopus Is Different

Outsourcing recruitment to a third-party agency partner has become a popular choice for many mid to large-sized businesses in recent years, the benefits of which can be significant in attracting and hiring the top talent.

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Without external support, many organisations find it challenging to root out the best qualified people for their vacancies, as the process can be expensive and time-consuming, especially without access to expert knowledge and the latest recruitment technology.

Managed recruitment providers offer different approaches to sourcing talent, with RPO recruitment and MSP recruitment two common strategies. While the aims are mutual – to secure the best people for the workforce and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the process – it’s useful to understand the differences, particularly when you’re seeking a reliable recruitment partner with whom to work.

What Is RPO Recruitment?

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing – transfers all your business’s recruitment to an external specialist. RPO acts as an extension of your HR department, ensuring your business’ recruitment needs are met by providing the necessary expert personnel, hiring processes and technology to secure the best people for your roles.

A specialist RPO will take full control of all relevant aspects of recruitment, including candidate sourcing, sifting and screening, and onboarding. As an effective extension of your HR department, the RPO can be as responsive as you need, meeting periods of demand when multiple vacancies require filling. Our managed recruitment services are a full-service RPO package to help you get the best people for your business, working tirelessly on your behalf to secure the talent your organisation needs.

What Is MSP Recruitment And How Does It Differ?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can take control of any aspect of a business, from recruitment and payroll to IT and procurement, with the aims to improve efficiency and cut costs.

In recruitment, an MSP tends to focus on temporary staff, such as call centre or admin staff, whereas an RPO will source long-term and permanent candidates, offering greater stability in the future. An MSP manages the more complex processes of recruitment on a business’s behalf, offering significant cost savings, automation of manual processes, and improved control of workers.

MSP recruitment utilises a vendor management system to identify candidates for roles, often calling upon recruitment agencies to find temporary staff; in contrast, an RPO harnesses Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology, social media, industry contacts, and an extensive worker database to ensure the best match between candidates and available roles.

Why Partner With Blue Octopus?

At Blue Octopus, we believe in doing things differently. By focusing entirely on the unique needs of your business, we can find the best candidates for your workforce and manage the entire process, from talent spotting to screening, interviewing, and onboarding. With no hidden fees or commissions to surprise you, you’ll be certain of how much you’re paying and what service you’ll receive in return. To find out more about Blue Octopus’s managed recruitment services, please get in touch today.

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