Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Reducing Time To Hire During Recruitment

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Human Resource (HR) professionals are under immense pressure to reduce hiring costs and accelerate workforce recruitment. At Blue Octopus, we innovate technology to make the recruitment process cheaper while reducing the risk of poor candidate matching.

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By investing in the right software, HR directors can attract, engage, and hire the right talents, thus saving time and other related resources like money.

In this article, you will discover the top five tips and tricks to use in your organisation to reduce your time to hire.

1) Establish A Structured Hiring Process

Prepare a documented hiring process to streamline your strategy for finding and hiring ideal candidates. A structured policy reduces the length of the process by providing measurable results to ensure you avoid poor quality hires. Ensure the document contains the perspective of both the employer and the employee to identify areas for improvement and recruitment KPIs.

2) Use Employee Onboarding Software

Onboarding software proactively welcomes recruits into your company before their reporting date by sending documents to sign, collecting the signed copies, and sending timely reminders or notifications. The software sends periodic updates to the new hires and the stakeholders regarding all relevant information. Implement a company-branded onboarding system that integrates to an ATS, further simplifying the process.

3) Use Pre-Employment Assessment Software

Candidate assessments are valuable when searching for the right talent, but they consume a lot of time in the process. More than 82% of companies use job skills tests that can take your HR specialist several days to complete. Pre-employment testing allows you to focus on the candidate's skills rather than their CV, thus reducing the hiring duration.

4) Use Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An advanced ATS system, such as Octo, comes with a range of tools and functionalities covering the different aspects of the hiring process. These include:

• Vacancy requisition
• Talent pool management
• Candidate attraction and journey
• Employee onboarding
• Employer branding
• Third-party negotiations
• Analytics and report generation

An ATS platform increases overall productivity and profitability by enabling HR professionals to secure the best talent in the shortest time possible. For example, you can use video messages and chatbots in outbound recruitment to embrace remote onboarding, especially since more than 25% of employees in the UK now work from home for up to five days a week.

5) Automate Scheduling And Make Interviewing Quicker

Prioritise candidate communication to maintain high-quality recruitment. If the interview process is long or there is a delay in reaching out to shortlisted candidates, there is a high probability they may lose interest or pursue other job leads.

Investing in an automated interview scheduling tool eliminates delays, saving you time and reducing frustrations on the talent's side. Such platforms truncate lengthy processes to a few minutes by immediately connecting applicants to available managers when you receive applications.

What Next?

Employ these tips and tricks for your organisation for a powerful recruitment strategy that follows a structured hiring process. An all-in-one ATS system, such as Octo, covers the entire recruitment process. Please get in touch today to find out more, or to arrange a free software demonstration.

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