Virtual Onboarding Is On The Rise - Here’s What You Need To Know

Virtual onboarding was a rather niche concept two years ago, but in an increasingly global working environment it was certainly on the rise.

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The mass disruption caused by the pandemic has greatly accelerated its use, as companies have adapted to modified work practices at short notice. If your business is still new or newish to virtual onboarding, here's what you need to know about it to get it right:

Communicating Your Values 

Virtual onboarding has essentially the same objectives as regular in-person onboarding, but of course the difference is that this is done over the phone, through video platforms, and via an online learning portal, rather than exclusively face-to-face (there can still be in-person aspects to virtual onboarding – it isn’t an either/or decision). This presents a challenge in that businesses need to make more effort to communicate their values to the new recruit, as those recruits are unable to soak up the atmosphere of their new place of work in person. Knowing what you want to communicate and being clear with this from the start will make the process less arduous for all involved.

Benefits of Recorded Video Calls – 

Training in person has its merits, but using a pre-recorded video course, webinars, and ad hoc training resources brings the benefit of having something to refer back to. This can be good for both recruiter and trainee when it comes to revision of the content. The material can even be used again later as part of a possible refresher course. It also helps cut down on in-person errors through the magic of editing.

Networking Without Personal Contact

As a strongly social species, humans need visible and audible contact with others. This is true not only for our personal lives but in the work environment as well. In Covid times, this hasn't been possible in the same way most of us were previously used to. Virtual onboarding does present the next best thing though, allowing new recruits to meet each other online via video call and anticipate one day working alongside each other face-to-face - hopefully not too far in the future.

How To Get Started

Virtual onboarding does bring the potential for certain things to be lost in translation if it's not executed properly. But the reality of it is here, whether we prefer it to in-person training or not. As part of a mixed onboarding strategy tailored to your business, virtual communication and learning tools can help new hires reach full productivity sooner and reduce staff turnover.  

With the help of our intuitive suite of virtual onboarding tools, you can ensure new recruits start work at your business as prepared as possible despite the challenges facing us today. Please give us a call on 0113 519 0009 to find out more.

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