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We understand that talent acquisition and management is crucial to success. Every industry needs good people to help it succeed; no matter what that industry or sector might be.

With over a decade of experience and knowledge, Blue Octopus continues to lead the way in talent acquisition within the Manufacturing sector. In an ever-growing, competitive market, we listen, understand and use our market knowledge to develop smart solutions using next generation technology to address end users’ needs.

Manufacturing in 2019

Contrary to widespread perception, UK manufacturing is thriving. And, if current trends continue, the UK will break into the top five of the largest industrial nations by 2021. Although unarguably experiencing a disruptive period, now is the time for manufacturers to capitalise on the digital smart technologies available and create opportunity and growth.

  • Industry 4.0 and IoT will help manufacturing become more efficient
    As factories become ‘smart’, an increased adoption of IoT will also see an increase in the amount of data that manufacturers produce. This volume of data, interpreted by artificial intelligence, will allow increased responsiveness, improved efficiency and help businesses identify new opportunities.
  • Collaboration between employee and machine should be embraced
    In 2019, more manufacturing companies are already adopting collaborative systems as well as hardware to close the gap between employees and machines. It is not about machines taking over the roles of people; but employees working collaboratively with those technologies and interfaces to speed up production, reduce costs and improve quality.
  • Digitisation is transforming the industry and disrupting skill requirements
    Digitisation is transforming the industry – disrupting skill requirements, whilst creating new jobs and making others obsolete. The manufacturing industry is currently battling against growing talent shortages, with a struggle to find people with the right blend of technical and soft skills to fill roles. Manufacturers need to invest in training now, so there is a workforce ready for the future.
  • With a lack of women and minorities within the manufacturing industry, the focus for 2019 and beyond is certainly diversity
    This will continue to be top of agenda for the foreseeable future, with increased government legislation and greater public awareness. Businesses need to consider and act on this now, ensuring diversification within their workplaces.
  • There is great potential for overseas growth
    Despite the fear (of some) regarding Brexit, it actually has the potential to create significant export opportunities for British business. ‘Made in Britain’ is certainly an asset, and new and emerging technologies could also allow cost-effective outsourcing.

Blue Octopus works with clients across the Manufacturing industry, providing forward-thinking talent solutions and helping them stay relevant in a world that’s moving at pace.

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