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Social housing in 2019

Social housing doesn’t just give people somewhere to live, it gives individuals and families a home. Social Housing usually provides renters long-term tenancy, providing them the chance to put down roots. Throughout 2019 we have seen changes to Social Housing, and these changes are set to continue.

  • Across England over 1.2 million households are on the social housing waiting list
    Social housing is a low-cost renting and ownership option for those who may not be able to access the private market. It includes council housing and homes provided by housing associations.
  • The amount of social housing for rent is slowly rising
    Approximately 70% of local authorities are planning to increase delivery of affordable homes. 25% expect a big increase in 2019, 61% say financial capacity remains the key barrier, despite the removal of the HRA debt cap.
  • 2019 has seen an increased focus on improving homes for existing residents
    The long shadow of the Grenfell tragedy, the Social Housing Green Paper, the Hackitt Review and the likely review of the Decent Homes Standard, have all led to a sustained focus on compliance of improving safety and standards of existing properties.
  • 78% of housing sector leaders say that land is the key constraint to building more homes
    78% of housing sector leaders say that land is the key constraint to building more homes (84% 2018); a third of housing association respondents own some strategic land and 39% plan to buy some in the next five years.
  • Rise of For-Profit Registered Providers has attracted much attention
    The rise of For-Profit Registered Providers (FPRP) has attracted much attention. As of March 2019, there were 47 for-profit providers registered with the Regulator of Social Housing. That number and the number of homes they own are only set to increase.
  • Better diversity and representation is required in the sector
    Last year, the need to report average figures for male and female pay led to housing associations revealing stark differences between the genders. This led to many pledges of action. This taps into an ongoing drive for better diversity and representation in the sector, which will continue this year.
  • Skills shortages prevent councils from building more housing
    Skills and organisational capacity (which has been exacerbated by Brexit), remains a challenge. Skills shortage within the construction industry was one of the main barriers preventing councils from building more housing in their area.

Blue Octopus works with clients across the Social Housing sector, providing forward-thinking talent solutions and helping them stay relevant in a world that’s moving at pace.

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