Webinar: How Employee Value Proposition supports talent acquisition and retention

We’re delighted to host the third in our new series of webinars, designed to help companies and HR professionals thrive. All businesses need good people to flourish; with talent acquisition and management both crucial to their success.

We have teamed up with Karen Rossington, an experienced HR Manager, to explore how companies can attract and retain talent:

• How businesses can identify their EVP
• How EVP will support in retaining and also attracting new talent
• The benefits of having a structured EVP
• How Blue Octopus can support talent retention and acquisition

Karen Rossington is an experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working within true generalist roles with a flair and passion for talent management and resourcing. Karen has played a pivotal role in delivering successful resourcing and talent management initiatives in addition to engagement, reward and learning and development tools

Diversity & Inclusion LONG

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To watch our webinar, simply click here.

For more information, or to find out how Blue Octopus can help your business with talent acquisition, get in touch today.

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