Why Is Digital The Future Of Recruitment?

While many successful businesses tell great stories of how they were formed, it’s their ability to build on their past legacy with a modern way of working that determines lasting fortune. Even most small local establishments today have a digital presence, which can be leveraged for specific reasons; one being a superior recruitment process.

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Embracing Digital Talent Acquisition

This is one area in which it pays not to be old fashioned. The days when an employer’s only option was to sift through mountains of paperwork as part of a lengthy recruitment process are gone.

Using a streamlined digital applicant tracking system such as Octo ATS software lets you search out talent tailored specifically for the kind of job you want them for. Rather than stretching the net wide in a blind search for new recruits, technological advances utilised by Blue Octopus mean you can take a more active role in the overall process.

More Control, Better Results

Why take a chance on random applications when you can have control over who sees an initial vacancy and who may apply as a result? A core advantage of digital recruitment is that it gives more power to employers in finding the right talent before an application has even been made.

In particular, the Octo ATS lets you track potential applicants with specific skills using personalised tags, and gives you full control over their entire recruitment process. This can range from shortlisting top candidates and booking interviews to extensive screening for HR purposes and auto onboarding to prepare them for the role.

With such a range of options available, digital recruitment just seems to produce better results than older, manual methods. Now more than ever, you can have greater control over the variables that go into successful recruitment and onboarding.

Transitioning To Digital HR

Digital-oriented HR carries significant benefits over other methods, not least the convenience aspect of converting mountains of information from paper to digitised format. This can save large amounts of time and space, offering almost instant access to data that would otherwise have taken extra resources to find and sift through.

Especially when you need something at short notice, you’ll be thankful for digital HR. It helps create a more efficient HR experience for both employee and employer. For this reason alone, it represents the future for most successful businesses.

Digital Recruitment Solutions From Blue Octopus

In the space of a couple of days, you can kickstart a streamlined recruitment process that may otherwise have taken months just a few years ago. Get in touch with Blue Octopus today and start taking advantage of our top range digital system for recruiting specialised talent.

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